How to Join the Meeting

There are four ways to join the meeting. The simplest way is to join by phone, like a conference call. The number to call is in the email you received, along with an access code that you’ll be prompted to enter. You won’t be able to see anyone or be seen but it is definitely the easiest way to go about it.


The second way is to join online. You will need to use Chrome as your browser (download here). Also, make sure to allow access to your microphone and your camera (if you want to be seen). (How to do this in Windows 10) In the email you received, click on the first link. If Chrome is not your default browser, copy and paste the link into Chrome. You can try this out ahead of time to and see if your microphone and camera are working.


The third way to join involves downloading an app (software) to your computer. Click on the link at the bottom of the email to download the software ahead of time. You can phone into the meeting with this option and also see what’s going on. (Click here for help)


Finally, you can download  the GoToMeeting app for iPhone or android phones and for tablets from their respective stores. I tried this out with my iPhone and iPad and it wasn't bad, except for some awful feedback. That was, hopefully, because I had the meeting open in two computers and was sitting by them.


Just a note about Windows 10 and the microphone and camera: a Windows update in January caused a glitch for some people that made a driver update necessary. If your mic doesn't work and  you are using the computer app just call in for audio. If you are trying to to use the online method you can call in for audio by following the directions for the first method above. This seems to work well. If just the camera isn't working you can be incognito. If both are out, you can  join by phone.


If you need help during the meeting please use the chat or you can text me or ask Beth to do it.


It’s a good idea to prepare to join ahead of time. If you need help you can call me at 716-307-0692.